Day: September 23, 2015

We Must Continually Come To Him

James Smithby James Smith

Abide with Me” 1859

One great part of the work of the Holy Spirit in the heart is to . . . empty us, strip us of self, lead us to feel our own weakness, and bring us as poor sinners to look to Jesus alone, as our wisdom, righteousness, sanctification, and redemption.

And just in proportion as we feel our need of Christ, and realize our absolute nothingness without Christ–shall we . . . prize Him, enjoy Him, and exercise dependence upon Him.

O how little do many of us know our need of Christ, and therefore it is that we . . . make so little use of Christ, enjoy so little of Christ, receive so little from Christ, and do so little for Christ!

We come to Him at first–as poor, lost, helpless sinners–that we may be saved by His merit and mercy.

And as believers, we must continually come to Him . . . with all our burdens–that He may bear them; with all our cares–that He may manage them; with all our sorrows–that He may sanctify them; with all our foes–that He may conquer them; with all our sins–that He may cleanse them; and with all our needs–that He may supply them.

All that we need is in Christ–and it is in Christ, for us. Our sense of our need of Christ, if it is deep and increasing–will lead us to daily come to Christ for all our supplies.

by James Smith