Day: September 9, 2015

When The Crash Comes

Vance Havnerby Vance Havner

And there was a day… Job 1: 13

And what a day that was! Job’s possessions and children swept away within a few hours! It was such a day as Jacob had when his sons reported Joseph slain. Such a day as came to David with the death of his beloved Absalom.

There will come such days. Very few escape them. Castles tumble. The savings of a lifetime vanish. The doctor says there is no hope.

When the crash comes Jacob may lament,

“All these things are against me.”

But, later, Joseph may say,

“Ye thought evil…but God meant it unto good.”

The grace of God is sufficient for the disastrous day as well as for the drab day when nothing happens. Our Lord asked that His disciples be kept by the Father (John 17:11), and they were. Yet they were not spared adversity and for most of them there was violent death. He kept them and none was lost save the son of perdition. His keeping may include days when all seems to collapse. The body, even the mind, may fail. But He takes care of the real “us,” though the outward man perish.

It was an awful day for Job. But it led to his greatest day, when he saw God.

by Vance Havner