Day: September 2, 2015

There Has Been Too Much Trifling With Jehovah! – Part 1

Grace Gems Whiteby Archibald Brown

Perhaps there is a secret contention going on between you and God. God has spoken to you–but thus far there has not been Jeremiah’s response of ‘Amen, O Lord.’

Here you have the one response which a man of God must ever make to the words of God. When God says anything to him, there is nothing left for him but to bow the head and say, ‘Amen, O Lord–so be it!’

This response is the only one that suits a creature’s lip. When God speaks–there is nothing left for man but to hear. When God decrees–there is nothing for man to do but acquiesce. When Jehovah gives a command–what is there left for His creature to do but obey?

Any other word than ‘Amen’ springs from rebellion. Any other response to the word of Jehovah, simply tells of a heart that wars with God.

It is not for men to judge God’s words, far less to amend them. If it pleases Jehovah to say anything, no matter how stern, how dreadful, or how searching–there is only one position for man: that is to bow his head and say, ‘Amen, O Lord.’

by Archibald Brown