Day: August 28, 2015

God Enthroned And The Secret Of Joy

Jonathan Cahnby Jonathan Cahn

How to Dwell in Heaven…Now

What does the Bible say about heaven? In the Book of Revelation, heaven is described as the place of God’s throne. Isaiah 66:1 confirms it: “Heaven is My throne.” It is the place where John saw God seated on the throne. Yet, there is going to be a time when heaven comes to earth, in a sense. It says in Zechariah 14:9, “The Lord will be King over all the earth in that day.” When will heaven come to earth? It will happen when the Lord is enthroned on the earth.

But we are to live a heavenly life now. How? The key is the throne. Heaven is the place where God is enthroned. If you want a heavenly life now, enthrone Him. When you enthrone Him – over your will, your desires, your ministry, everything – He becomes the sovereign Ruler over your life. So allow Him to truly reign as Lord over every part of your life and live in the blessings of heaven now, because heaven is wherever God is enthroned.

Enthrone God in every part of your day today and every part of your life. Blessings will come.

by Jonathan Cahn