Day: November 13, 2014

At The Proper Time We Will Reap

J.R. Millerby J.R. Miller

We never know how little benefactions of ours, may bless a life and stay in it as a blessing forever! We know not, how even a small word may bless a life. We should always keep our heart and hands ready for whatever little ministry we may have an opportunity to render. The least word of good cheer may start a song in a heart which shall sing on forever. The good may drop unconsciously from your lip and hand and you may never think of it again, and yet it shall not be lost. It carries in it the life of God, and is immortal.

There is a difference in the way various people give though the gift or favor or act be precisely the same. One gives the help only; the other gives part of himself in the help. There are some very beautiful flowers that have no fragrance but how much more a flower means which has in it perfume as well as loveliness! We should give ourselves with our gifts. We should let part of our own lives flow out with every deed of kindness we do.

Love is the fragrance of the flowers of the heart, and what we do in love, love for Christ and love for man, shall never be lost. The world will be richer and better for even the smallest deeds of Christlike love. We may not reap the harvest in this world but beyond the skies, we shall gather the sheaves in our bosom! So then, though our lives are imperfect and evil, and our work is marred with sin we know that the Master will accept the humblest thing we do for Him. He will cleanse our work and use it, even though it is only a fragment, in the building up of His kingdom!

by J.R. Miller

HT Yeshua (Jesus) is Lord