There Are Many Crosses, And Every One of Them Is Sore And Heavy!

Grace Gems Whiteby Alexander Smellie

“In the Hour of Silence”

“Whosoever will come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow Me!” Mark 8:34

The cross which my Lord bids me take up and carry, may assume different shapes.

There are many crosses, and every one of them is sore and heavy. None of them is likely to be sought out by me of my own accord. But never is Jesus so near me as when I lift my cross, and lay it submissively on my shoulder, and give it the welcome of a patient and unmurmuring spirit. He draws close . . . to ripen my wisdom, to deepen my peace, to increase my courage, to augment my graces, through the very experience which is so grievous and distressing.

And then, I grow closer to Jesus under the load.

by Alexander Smellie