Loving One Another–Part 2

Andrew Murray Imageby Andrew Murray

Excerpt From God’s Gift of Perfection

Chapter 28–Part 2

But what a change occurred when the Risen One breathed on them & said, “Receive ye the Holy Ghost” (John 20:22). And how that change was consummated when the Holy Spirit came down from heaven, and out of that wonderful love which there flowed in holy interchange between the Father and the Son, when they met again in glory, released into their hearts the love of God! In the love of the day of Pentecost, the perfect love celebrated its first great triumph in the hearts of men.

The love of God still reigns. The Spirit of God still waits to take possession of hearts where He has thus far had little room. He had been in the disciples all the time, but they had not known of what manner of spirit they were. He had come upon them on that evening when the Risen One breathed upon them. But it was on Pentecost He filled them so that love divine prevailed and overflowed, and they were perfect in love. Let every effort we make to love, and every experience of how feeble our love is , lead us and draw us onto Jesus on the Throne, In Him, the love of God is revealed and glorified and rendered accessible to us. Let us believe that the love of God can come down as a fire that will consume and destroy self, and make loving one another – fervent, perfect love – the one mark of discipleship. Let us believe that this love of God, perfect love – the one mark of discipleship. Let us believe that this love of God, perfect love, can be shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Spirit who has been given to us, and in a measure far beyond what we know. Our tongues and lives, our homes and churches, will then prove to our sinful, perishing fellow-men that there are still children of God in whom the love of God is perfected.

Even as the whole Christian life, so love, too, has its two stages. There is love seeking, struggling, and doing its best to obey, and ever failing. And there is love finding, resting, rejoicing, and ever triumphing. This takes place when self and its efforts have been given into the grave of Jesus, and His life and love have taken their place. The birth of heavenly love in the soul has come. In the power of the heavenly life, to love is natural and easy. As Christ dwells in the heart, we are rooted and grounded in love, and know the love that passes knowledge.

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by Andrew Murray