God Shall Perfect You—Part 2

Andrew Murray Imageby Andrew Murray

Excerpt From “God’s Gift of Perfection” Series

Chapter 26—Part 2

God has planted the desire after perfection deep in the heart of man. Is it not this desire for perfection that stirs the spirit of the artist and the poet, of the discoverer and the inventor? Is it not the nearest possible approach to this perfection that awakens admiration and enthusiasm? And is it only in Christianity that all thought and all joy of present perfection is to be banished? Certainly not, if God’s word is true. The promise is sure and bright for our earthly life: “God will Himself perfect you.” Joined with the words, “establish, and strengthen you,” the “Himself perfect you,” can refer to nothing but the present daily life. God Himself will put you into the right position, and in that position He will establish and strengthen you, so as to fit you perfectly for the life you have to live, and the work you have to do.

We find it so hard to believe this, because we do not know what it means. “You are not under the law, but under grace (Romans 6:14).” The law demands what we cannot give or do. Grace never asks what it does not give; and so the Father never asks what we cannot do. He Himself, who raised Jesus from the dead, is always ready, in that same resurrection power, to perfect us to do His will. Let us believe, and be still, until our soul is filled with the blessed truth, and we know that it will be done to us.

O Brethren, learn to know this God, and claim Him—in His character—as yours: “God will Himself perfect you!” Worship and adore Him here, until your faith is filled with the assurance: My God Himself is perfecting me. Regard yourself as the clay in the hands of the Great Artist, spending all His thought and time and love to make you perfect. Yield yourself in voluntary, loving obedience to His will and His Spirit. Yield yourself in full confidence into His very hands, and let the word ring through your whole being: GOD SHALL HIMSELF PERFECT YOU. He will perfectly prepare you for all that He would have you do or be. Let every perfect bud or flower you meet whisper its message: Only let God work; only wait upon God; GOD SHALL HIMSELF PERFECT YOU.

Believer! have you desired this? O claim it, claim it now. Or rather, claim now in very deed this God as your God. Both the writer to the Hebrews, and Peter in this Epistle, gathered up all their varied teaching into this one central promise, “God shall Himself perfect you,” and there may come in the life of the believer a moment when he gathers up all his desires and efforts, all his knowledge of God’s truth, and all his faith in God’s promises. He will then concentrate them in one simple act of surrender and trust, and, yielding himself wholly to do His will, dare to claim God as the God that perfects him. And his life will become one doxology of adoring love: To Him be the dominion for ever and ever. Amen.

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by Andrew Murray