An Ox Stands Between An Altar And A Plough

J.R. Miller 90x115by J.R. Miller

It is always a solemn hour when anyone stands before God and men, to make a public profession of Christ. The act is nothing less than the consecration of a human soul to Christ’s service, for life or for death.

On the seal of an old missionary society, an ox stands between an altar and a plough, and written below is the motto, "READY FOR EITHER!" That is, ready for sacrifice or for service.

This should be the heart-motto in every public profession; it should be . . . a solemn devotement to Christ, an entire surrender to Him for obedience, duty and sacrifice; a consecration of the whole life to Christ and His service.

Such consecration all have made, who have publicly given themselves to Christ.

by J.R. Miller