God Himself Perfect–Part 2

Andrew Murray 90x115by Andrew Murray

Chapter 7 – Part 2

As we believe this, that is – receive the heavenly truth of these words into our inmost being and absorb it – we will not wonder that the same man also said

“I was also perfect before Him and kept I myself from Mine iniquity”; “The God that girdeth me with strength, and maketh my way perfect.”

His alone is the power and the honor and the glory of what He has worked. This makes the confession, “ I was also perfect with Him,” so far from being presumption or self-righteousness. It is nothing but an ascription of praise to Him to whom it is due.

And then follow the words in which the perfection of God and that of man are seen in their wonderful relationship and harmony: “With the perfect Thou wilt shew Thyself perfect.”

Just as there can be no light of day except that which comes from the sun, so there can be no perfection except that which comes from God. God’s perfection wrestles with man in its feeblest beginnings in the soul, so as to break through and get possession. As long as man refuses to consent, God cannot make His perfection known, for God must be to us what we are to Him:

“With the froward Thou wilt show Thyself froward.” Psalm 18:26

But where man’s will consents, and his heart chooses this perfection and this perfect God as its portion, God meets the soul with ever larger manifestations of how perfect He is toward His own.

“With the perfect Thou wilt shew Thyself perfect.”

Christian! walk before God with a perfect heart and you will experience how perfect the heart and the love and the will of God to bless us is toward you. God will take perfect possession of a heart perfectly yielded to Him. Walk before God in a perfect way – it is God who makes my way perfect – and your eyes and heart will be opened to see, in adoring wonder, how perfect God’s way is with you and for you. Mightily take hold of this word as the law of God’s revelation of Himself: “With the perfect Thou wilt shew Thyself perfect.” To a soul perfectly devoted to Him, God will wonderfully reveal Himself.

Turn with your whole heart and life, your whole trust and obedience, toward God – walk before Him with a perfect heart – and He will show Himself perfect to you. God, whose way is perfect, makes your way perfect, and perfects you in every good thing. Meet God with,

“With my whole heart have I sought Thee.” Psalm 119:10

He will answer your with,

“Yea, I will rejoice over you to do you good, … with my whole heart and with my whole soul.” Jeremiah 32:41

Oh! say it in faith and hope and joy,

“With the perfect Thou wilt shew Thyself perfect.”

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by Andrew Murray