Don’t Make The First Date!

Vance Havner 90x115by Vance Havner

No decent married man dates another woman, and no true Christian “dates” this world. He is married to Christ (Romans 7:4), and if he loves the world he is God’s enemy (James 4:4). To flirt with the world is to fall in love with it and end up in spiritual adultery. Physical adultery often begins with a look, a casual conversation. Christians are lured away from the Lord gradually. The first flirtations seem so harmless that warnings are resented. Preachers are “pharisaical” and parents are “puritanical” if they seek to caution their flock or their children. Many a date with this world begins innocently, with rarely a protest, but one thing leads to another and soon it is too late. The best rule is, “Don’t make the first date!”

by Vance Havner