Day: February 11, 2012

An Old-Fashioned, Narrow-Minded, Fossilized Person!

J.C. Ryle 90x115by J.C. Ryle

"Needs of the Times!" 1879

There is a common complaint in these days, that there is a lack of power in Christianity, and that the church does not shake the world as it did in former years. Shall I tell you what the reason is, in plain words? It is the low tone of life which is so sadly prevalent among professing believers. I believe we fall far short in our standard of Christian practice.

The times require a higher standard of personal holiness, and an increased attention to practical religion in daily life.

I must honestly declare my conviction, that there never has been . . . so much profession of religion–without practice, so much talking about God–without walking with Him, so much hearing God’s Words–without doing them, as there is at this present date!

Never were there so many empty tubs and tinkling cymbals!

Never was there so much formality–and so little reality!

Lose Yourselves To Christ

A.B. Simpson 90 x115by A.B. Simpson

I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live—Galatians 2:20

The Christ life is in harmony with our nature. The other day I was asked by a thoughtful, intelligent woman-one not a Christian, but who had the deepest hunger for that which is right-"How can Christ enter us and we not lose our individuality? This experience will destroy our personality; it violates our responsibility as individuals."

My response was, "Your personality is incomplete without Christ. Christ was made for you, and you were made for Christ, and until you meet Him you are not complete. He needs you as you need Him.

"Suppose," I continued, "that gas jet should say, ‘If I take this fire in, the gas coursing through me will lose its individuality.’ Oh, no; it is only when the fire comes in that the gas fulfills its purpose for being.