Day: February 5, 2012

Whose Slave Are You?

James Smith 90x115by James Smith

"Whose Slave Are You?"

There are two distinct classes of slaves in the world, and it is important to know to which we belong. The apostle teaches us how to do this when he says,

"Don’t you know that when you offer yourselves to someone to obey him as slavesyou are slaves to the one whom you obey; whether you are slaves to sin–which leads to death; or to obedience–which leads to righteousness?" Romans 6:16

Who is your Master? There are but two great masters in the world–and we all serve one or the other. Who then, is your master?

Is it SATAN? If so–then sin is your service. You neglect what God requires–and you do what God forbids. You . . . indulge the lusts of the flesh, enjoy the lust of the eye, and walk in the pride of life.


No More Excuses

Mark Cahill 90x115by Mark Cahill

I am very much enjoying reading through my Bible front to back again this year. It is great to reread some of those great accounts of God’s power and how He uses people.

Remember though: Don’t just read your Bible, also heed what it says. ‘Read and heed’ is how one of my friends puts it. If we read our Bibles and obey what we read, it is always going to lead to an exciting life as we follow the Lord!

Exodus 3:10 “Come now therefore, and I will send thee unto Pharaoh, that thou mayest bring forth my people the children of Israel out of Egypt.”

We see in this passage that God is about to use Moses in a mighty, mighty way. He is going to use him to deliver His people from the Egyptians. Moses has to be so excited about being used by the Lord like this. I can just imagine his response: “Thank you, Lord! Let’s go and teach Pharaoh and the Egyptians a big lesson. They shouldn’t have messed with Your people, and now they are going to pay for it. Onward and upward!!” Well, that is not exactly how he responded.