Day: January 29, 2012

The United Nations Calls On The World On Holocaust Remembrance Day To Remember The Horrific Death of 6 Million Jews

Jimmy Deyoung 90x115by Jimmy DeYoung

The United Nations in a resolution passed in 2005 called for world leaders to lead their nations in remembering the horrific slaughter of 6 million Jews throughout Europe by Adolf Hitler and his Nazi regime during World War II and to do this, January 27 of every year, the International Holocaust Remembrance Day.  The Jews in Israel have an annual day each Spring when the whole nation will stop and stand at attention during the 2 minute nationwide sounding of a siren, a time when the whole Jewish nation honors their loved ones who died at the hands of a wicked leader.

The theme of the Jewish survivors of the World War II Holocaust and all Israeli Jews comes from a nation who does honor their dead but at the same time they say never again will a dastardly slaughter of Jews take place.