Troubles, Troubles, Troubles! Part 3

James Smith 90x115by James Smith

"The Believer’s Companion in Seasons of Affliction and Trouble" 1842

"Call upon Me in the day of trouble! I will deliver you–and you shall glorify Me!" Psalm 50:15

Believer, in this portion of the divine word, you will discover:
   1. your present portion–trouble,
   2. your constant privilege–prayer,
   3. your future prospect–deliverance.

1. Your present portion is TROUBLE
2. Your constant privilege is PRAYER

3. Your future prospect is DELIVERANCE. The prospect is opened up, "I will deliver you–and you shall glorify Me!" Here God comes under engagement to deliver His calling child. Can we, then, be too confident, or expect deliverance with too much assurance? Surely not! Only let us beware lest we dictate to God as to time, means, or manner of deliverance–and then we cannot be too certain. He will deliver, and in such a way as to . . . put honor on your faith, pour confusion on your unbelief, and secure the glory to His blessed self!

God’s delivering mercies are all brought forth on jubilee days–for the deliverances which He affords, proclaim a jubilee in the soul.

"I WILL!"–this promise is . . . more durable than earth, more stable as the pillars of Heaven, and as changeless as the nature of Jehovah.

"I will DELIVER!"–this is at once . . . the food, warrant, and plea of faith; the lattice through which hope directs the eye, and the prime argument which the soul uses before God.

"I will deliver YOU!" This is the laying of God’s hand on His needy child.

My poor brother–are you in trouble? Are you calling upon God? The Lord says, "I will deliver YOU!" You are the person God had in His eye and in His heart–when He caused this precious portion to be penned. Take up the language, and say, "He will deliver ME!" And you, being delivered, proving God to be faithful, realizing the power of prayer, and enjoying delivering mercy–shall, though Satan will try to hinder, and unbelief would gladly shut your mouth–you shall glorify Me!

How truly blessed, how pleasant, how satisfactory is this! Every believer must say: "It is just as I would have it! I get all the mercy–and God gets all the glory!"

Brethren in Jesus . . . expect your portion–troubles, prize your privilege–prayer, and look forward to your prospect–deliverance!

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by James Smith