Day: January 17, 2012

The End of The Lord

Vance Havner 90x115by Vance Havner

“Ye have heard of the patience of Job, and have seen the end of the Lord.” James 5:11.

The Lord turned the captivity of Job and blessed the latter end of his life more than the beginning, but all that is not the climax of the book. It is not an anticlimax but it is a sort of postscript. Job arrived at the peak when he saw God. After that, whether he got well or not, or whether or not he recovered his prosperity, was incidental. He had got through to God. The main purpose of God was not to explain Job’s suffering or suffering in general. Job got through to illumination, which is better than explanation.

God does not always restore our lost prosperity. Some of the greatest saints die in their poverty, their adversity and their boils. But if they have got through to God Himself, they have reached life’s greatest goal. What happens after that is incidental. They are ready to say:

“Now Thee alone I seek;
Give what is best.”

One Degree

A.B. Simpson 90 x115by A.B. Simpson

Prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God—Romans 12:2

The water in a steam locomotive may be at any one of three temperatures. It may be cold, although clean and ready for the fire. It may be hot, very hot-hot enough to scald you, almost boiling. Or the water may be just one degree hotter-at the boiling point-pouring out its vapor in clouds of steam, pressing through the valves and driving the mighty pistons that turn the wheels and propel the train.

There are three kinds of Christians. The first we will call cold-water Christians-perhaps better, clean-water Christians.

The second are hot-water Christians. They are almost at the boiling point.