Walk Steady

A.B. Simpson 90 x115by A.B. Simpson

Now unto him that is able to keep you from falling—Jude 24

This is a most precious promise. The revised translation is both accurate and suggestive. It is not merely from falling that He wants to keep us, but from even the slightest stumbling.

We are told that Abraham staggered not at the promise (Romans 4:20). God wants us to walk so steadily that there will not even be a quiver in the line of His regiments as they face the foe. It is the little stumblings of life that most discourage and hinder us, and most of these stumblings are over trivialities. Satan would much rather knock us down with a feather than with a gun. It is much more to his honor and delight to defeat a child of God by some insignificant matter than by some great temptation.

Beloved, let us be on guard against the banana peels that trip us on our pathway, the little foxes that destroy the vines and the dead flies that spoil a whole vessel of precious ointment. "Trifles make perfection," and as we get farther on in our Christian life, God will hold us much more closely to obedience in things that seem insignificant.

by A.B. Simpson