2012: Jose Arguelles’, Year of The “Crystal Kingdom”

Joseph Chambers 90x115by Joseph Chambers

Jesus Christ said, “Take heed therefore how ye hear” Luke 8:18a) Never has this great lesson been so imperative. In the past we said, “Take heed what you hear”, but now it is more important how we hear. Let me explain this as we consider the idea of the “Crystal Kingdom”.Twenty five years ago, Mr. Arguelles with other New Agers, made the idea of a paradigm shift (A new way to see an old truth.) a big thing. They started the Harmonic Convergence as an important event and even held New Year celebrations called “Earth Day”. The first event was in 1987. About that same time a twenty five year period was declared by this movement of Heathen thinkers. By creating a worldwide harmony using the idea of a paradigm shift in thinking the Crystal Kingdom” would begin on January 21, 2012. (Jose Arguelles died on March 23, 2011 just in time to miss his own prophecies ultimate failure.)

Here we are on the verge of their date for a new world. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY WHAT I’M ABOUT TO SAY. PLEASE THINK WITH ME! The entire world has made a paradigm shift but not to a Crystal Kingdom. Consider the Bible and listen to how it is viewed and explained. Consider the new church life and theology and look for a church that resembles what you remember as a church. Think about the music and ask yourself what has happened. I KNOW, I’M A “FUNDAMENTALIST PREACHER.” AND CONSIDERED OUT OF DATE AND EVEN ODD. There is a large church movement all over America that is absolutely taking a multitude to hell. They have made the total paradigm shift and love it. The “Crystal Kingdom” is nothing but the Antichrist movement getting the world ready for after the RAPTURE. Every reader needs to share this message with everyone you love. We have no choice but to return our thinking to the simple way of hearing the Truth. The Bible is literal. You must let it interpret itself .

God said what He meant. For instance, when the book of Revelation tell us of a city called New Jerusalem, it is a city. John saw it and why then do we try to put some kind of spin on this truth. I love every reader we have and I am not reprimanding you. I am burdened to help every soul, but especially my many friends. Start today, “Take Heed How You Hear.” I pray this sermon will bless your life.

by Joseph Chambers