Day: December 26, 2011

Are Rainbows Miracles or Just Everyday Science?

Dave Hunt 90x115T.A. McMahon 90x115by Dave Hunt                                &                            by T.A. McMahon 


“Dear Dave and T.A, I’m curious about how the Bible presents the rainbow. It sounds like something you would relegate to a myth like those found in primitive cultures or ancient societies, which explain natural events in almost laughable ways. For example, the earth being upheld on the shoulders of Atlas, or the sun retiring in a bog or swamp each evening. Isn’t it a bit ludicrous and detrimental to the truth claims of the Bible for God to give us a hokey story about placing the rainbow in the sky, when the whole thing can be explained scientifically?”

Dave: Well, it’s a way of saying it. He “put the rainbow” in the sky because this is what happens when you get this prism effect through raindrops. And so, when it says “He hangs the world upon nothing,” for example, that’s a scientific statement. It’s not saying, “Well, He’s got some kind of a ‘nothing’ hook, and that nothing is something. So, to say that “He put the rainbow in the sky”—that’s figurative language. We would use that kind of language.