Day: December 17, 2011

His Ways Are Perfect

Reimar Schultze 90x115by Reimar Schultze 

The English evangelist Leonard Ravenhill was invited to hold revival meetings for A.W. Tozer in Chicago. A fire broke out in the hotel were Ravenhill and his associate stayed. They both had to jump from a third story window. In landing, Ravenhill suffered many broken bones. It took half an hour before an ambulance showed up.

Tozer’s congregation had many questions: Why did this happen? Was this the work of God or of the devil? Had they prayed enough for the revival meetings? Could God not heal him at once and put him back into the pulpit? What good would come out of this? None of the parishioners could find the right words to comfort the injured evangelist. Finally, Tozer arrived with a Chinese man who had gone through much persecution. He said, "The Lord sanctify to thee thy deepest affliction."   Those few words helped the evangelist more than all the words of all who came to see him: "The Lord sanctify to thee thy deepest affliction."

The Divine Design

Vance Havner 90x115by Vance Havner

“But he [chastens us] for our profit…” Hebrews 12:10

The flame shall not hurt thee-I only design
Thy dross to consume and thy gold to refine.

Sometimes God chastens us and sometimes Satan sifts us. God’s purpose is to burn up the dross and refine the gold. Satan hopes to winnow out the wheat and leave only the chaff, but God can turn it around the other way. At any rate, our Father takes no pleasure in our sorrows and grief. His only design is to refine us. Alas, there is often so much dross and so little gold, so much chaff and so little wheat, so much wood, hay, and stubble, so little gold, silver and precious stones! We may not have much left when He is finished with us, but a little gold is better than tons of chaff. It is a good day when we give up trash for treasure.

by Vance Havner