Another Week, Another “Accidental” Explosion In Iran

Ryan Mauro 90x115by Ryan Mauro

There’s been yet another “accidental” explosion in Iran targeting its nuclear weapons program. This comes after the destruction of the IRGC long-range missile base where warhead work was ongoing and the explosion at Isfahan in the tunnel leading to a raw uranium stash.

On December 11, an explosion happened in a “privately-owned” steel plant in Yazd, killing 7 and wounding 12, including unidentified foreigners. The Washington Post notes that a German newspaper reported last month that North Korea was providing Iran and Syria with maraging steel used in centrifuges. The material is also used in exhaust systems for missile engines. There is no publicly-available information connecting the plant with the nuclear program, Ynet News reports.

Michael Ledeen has more to say over at PJ Media. He writes that the steel is used in creating the nose cones for missiles. He also breaks a big story about another unreported explosion in Khorramabad a few days ago after the destruction of the missile base.

I tried finding out more about the alleged Khorramabad explosion and all I could find was a story about an October 12 explosion at an IRGC ammunitions stockpile that killed 18 Revolutionary Guards and wounded 14.

Ledeen says that according to his sources, the explosions are the handiwork of Iranian dissidents without (as far as he knows) foreign backing. They claim that the objective of the base attack was simply to kill the top missile engineer (and they succeeded), and that they did not know about the North Korean rocket fuel that set off the massive explosions. He says that the imported fuel doubles the range of the Iranian missiles. The perpetrators of the attack died in the explosion, as did 4 North Koreans. Ayatollah Khamenei has been informed that a total of 377 people died, Ledeen reports.

by Ryan Mauro