Happy Thanksgiving

God's Word 90x115by Rocco T

Today is a day for giving thanks. What are you thankful for? We can and should give thanks for all sorts of things, like our Families and even our material blessings, however much they may be.

One thing we should be thankful for is our relationship with the Lord. No matter where you find yourself today, no matter what trial your in, (Trials don’t seem to take a Holiday) you can always trust the Lord that He is there in the fire with you. He is the one thing that can never be taken away from you. This is why Paul could write from prison and make the statement to “Always Rejoice”. Because no matter what we go through in this physical life, our spiritual life with Jesus remains untouched. God is still God, before the trial, in the trial and after it is over. He is still in control of every situation.

Our earthly possessions can be lost or taken. Family can be lost or even turn against you, but if you’re walking in God’s will for your life, you can never be apart from or lose Him and He will never abandon you. Any trial that you may be facing today is a trial that God allowed in your life and is watching over you through. Although sometimes we think our trial is different, our trial is worse than everybody else’s trial. That is a lie from Satan to bring you down.

I encourage you to watch Pilgrim’s Progress: Journey To Heaven or even read the original book by John Bunyan and you will see that all true Born Again Christians following Jesus go down the same road, filled with temptation and trials. Granted some are different types of burdens, but anybody on their way to the “Celestial City” has to go down the narrow path.

Even so, sometimes we pity ourselves and let Satan capture us for a time in the “Castle of Despair” until we realize again that Jesus is the key. God is the master blacksmith and knows exactly how much fire we need to be made into the person He wants us to be, and if we have truly surrendered to the Lord, our lives are not our own anymore. Everything in them should be for God’s glory.

So today, instead of counting how many problems we have or how heavy our cross seems today, let’s all give thanks to God who walks with us daily and provides the strength we need for today, when we surrender everything to Him.

Happy Thanksgiving

by Rocco T