Day: November 9, 2011

The Bible

J.C. Ryle 90x115by J.C. Ryle

“Be very sure of this,-people never reject the Bible because they cannot understand it. They understand it only too well; they understand that it condemns their own behavior; they understand that it witnesses against their own sins, and summons them to judgment.”

by J.C. Ryle

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Saved From–Not In

Dick York 90x115by Dick York

Jesus came to save his people from their sins, not in their sins. So, not only is the gate strait, but the way is narrow. It is restrictive in that it does not include that which appeals to the flesh. But if we walk in the Spirit, we shall not fulfill the lusts of the flesh–in which case, the road is not restrictive at all! On the contrary, it is filled with pleasures at God’s right hand.

by Dick York 

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