Day: November 5, 2011

Don’t Settle Here!

Vance Havner 90x115by Vance Havner

“Demas hath forsaken me, having loved his present world.” 2 Timothy 4:10

Demas had to forsake something, for no man could follow Paul and the world at the same time. Paul was a stranger and a pilgrim, and “he sought a country.” He had not driven his tent pegs down in these lowlands of earth, nor had he hung his stocking for the Santa Claus of this age to fill. All who follow him as He follows Christ make this present world their passage and not their portion, as Matthew Henry puts it.

The angels from their place on high
Look down on us with wondering eye,
That where we are but passing guests
We build such firm and solid nests;
But where we hope to live for aye
We scarce take heed one stone to lay.

Don’t feather your nest down here. The path of the Word and the path of the world do not run parallel. You must forsake one to follow the other.

by Vance Havner

Being Made Perfect

Octavius Winslow 90x115by Octavius Winslow

“But the God of all grace, who has called us unto his eternal glory by Christ Jesus, after that you have suffered a while, make you perfect, establish, strengthen, settle you.” 1 Peter 5:10

There is a painful forgetfulness among many of the saints of God of the appointed path of believers through the world. It is forgotten that this path is to be one of tribulation; that so far from being a smooth, a flowery, and an easy path, it is rough, thorny, and difficult. The believer often expects all his heaven on earth. He forgets that whatever spiritual enjoyment there may be here, kindred in its nature to the joys of the glorified—and too much of this he cannot expect—yet the present is but the wilderness state of the church, and the life that now is, is but that of a pilgrimage and a sojourning.