Month: October 2011

Trust And Tell

Vance Havner 90x115by Vance Havner

With the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation. Romans 10:10

We do not have to pray a certain number of hours or weep a certain quantity of tears in order to be saved. Him that cometh to Jesus as best he knows how will in no wise be cast out. There are no exceptions. Faith is not a strenuous attitude of mind, a tense effort to believe. Faith is not merely refusing to doubt. The essence of saving faith is trust, stretching out relaxed on what God has said. We get out minds on ourselves, how well we stretch out, how much we relax, instead of on our support, the Word of God.

The insomniac cannot sleep, because he tries to hold up the bed. He cannot let go and let the bed hold him up. He may not be lying in a perfect position, but the bed holds him up just the same. Your faith may not be perfect, but God’s promises are. You can never trust yourself, but you can always trust Christ. It is a heart-and-mouth experience. Trust Him and tell it!

by Vance Havner

The Hal Lindsey Report 9-30-11

Hal Lindsey 90x115by Hal Lindsey

Last week, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas made good on his threat. He tore up the Oslo Accords and threw them in the trash. Oddly enough, though, he still claims to be the only one of the two peace partners genuinely seeking peace in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

Now some of you are saying as you read this, "Come on, Hal, isn’t that being overly dramatic? He didn’t tear up Oslo." One of the basic tenets of the Oslo Accords — to which both parties agreed and Abbas himself personally signed — is that neither party would take any unilateral steps to change the status of any disputed territory until there was a negotiated settlement. I would say that asking the United Nations to recognize the West Bank, Gaza, and East Jerusalem as an independent, sovereign nation is definitely a "unilateral" step! Wouldn’t you?