How Long?

A.B. Simpson 90 x115by A.B. Simpson

How long halt ye between two opinions?—1 Kings 18:21

It is strange that people will not get over the idea that a consecrated life is a difficult one. A simple illustration will answer this foolish impression. Suppose a streetcar operator were to say, "It is much easier to run with one wheel on the track and the other off." His line would soon be dropped by the public, who would prefer to walk. Of course, it is ever so much easier to run with both wheels on the track-and always on the track-and it is much easier to follow Christ fully than to follow Him with a half heart and halting step. Elijah was right in his pungent question, How long halt ye between two opinions? The undecided man is a halting man. The halting man is a lame man and a miserable man, but the out-and-out Christian is the admiration of men and angels and a continual joy to himself.

Say, is it all for Jesus,

As you so often sing?

Is He your Royal Master,

Is He your heart’s true King?

by A.B. Simpson