Day: October 21, 2011

Libya’s Col. Khaddafi Is Dead

Jimmy Deyoung 90x115by Jimmy DeYoung

After days of military assaults on the hometown of Libya’s Col. Khaddafi, the opposition has claimed victory in the war and also claim they have killed the treacherous dictator of Libya Col. Khaddafi, the man who ruled Libya for 42 years with an iron fist and was responsible for the deaths of thousands of Libyans.

Reports say that Khaddafi tried to flee in a convoy that came under attack from NATO war planes however it is unclear if Khaddafi’s death was a result of that NATO strike or from ground troops that report they took Khaddafi out.  The future of Libya is in question in light of the fact that no one really knows who the opposition in Libya is and there are reports that there is a major radical Islamic element involved in the overthrow of Khaddafi.