Day: October 19, 2011

Hamas: One Jew Is Worth A Thousand Palestinians. . .

Jack Kinsella 90x115_editedby Jack Kinsella

Yesterday, Gilad Shalit, an Israeli soldier kidnapped and held hostage by the terrorist group for more than five years, was released to Egypt and then to Israel following an Israeli agreement to swap 1,027 convicted Palestinian terrorists for him.

“Any person who seizes or detains and threatens to kill, to injure or to continue to detain another person (hereinafter referred to as the "hostage") in order to compel a third party, namely, a State, an international intergovernmental organization, a natural or judidical person, or a group of persons, to do or abstain from doing any act as an explicit or implicit condition for the release of the hostage commits the offence of taking of hostages ("hostage-taking") within the meaning of this Convention.” – Article 1, paragraph 1, the International Convention Against the Taking of Hostages, UN General Assembly, June 3, 1983