Turkey Suspends All Defense Ties With Israel; Threatens To Attack Cyprus

Chris Schang 90x115by Chris Schang

In a sign of growing Turkish hostility towards Israel, Turkey announced today that it would be suspending all defense ties with Israel and that other ties would be evaluated as well. In addition to this sudden move, Turkey also threatened to attack Cyprus if they go ahead with development of the oil and gas fields off the Israeli coast. The world community, in particularly the U.S., has been very worried about the downhill nature of current Israeli-Turkish ties. With the release of the Palmer Report on Friday last week that upheld Israel’s Gaza blockade, the Turks led by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has stirred the entire region up with these nearly insane outbursts and moves that are surely to send ripples across the Middle East. The Israel National News reports:

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan stirred up the Middle East further Tuesday, halting trade with Israel while Turkey threatens to attack Cyprus if it lets Noble Energy drill for gas. Israeli businessman Yitzchak Tshuva has options to license some of the gas.

Ignoring pleas from the United States to calm down after a United Nations report stated that Israel’s maritime blockade of Gaza is legal, Erdogan warned he will send more ships to patrol in the Mediterranean Sea and still is considering a visit to Hamas-controlled Gaza. He said Turkey is "totally suspending" defense industry ties with Israel, two days after recalling its ambassador and reducing diplomatic ties to a third-tier level.

Erdogan has once again shown his blatant anti-semitism towards Israel and clearly exhibits behavior that shows that Turkey is definitely no friend of Israel. Erdogan is slowly but surely moving Turkey towards her fatal destiny per Ezekiel 38-39 where they will be part of a large coalition of moslem allies led by Russia that will "descend upon Israel like a cloud" here in the end times. However, this sudden invasion will not be of surprise to the God of Israel, who neither sleeps nor slumbers, and will be waiting for them with fury and wrath.

The Israel National News article reports that the threat to attack Cyprus is in regards to the U.S. company Noble Energy who has the rights to drill in "Block 12" of which has become disputed territory. The INN articles reports:

The threat to attack Cyprus, reported by Globes, concerns "Block 12,” where the American-based Noble Energy firm plans to explore for gas. It is located north of the Israeli oil and gas field Leviathan, which Hizbullah has warned belongs to Lebanon. Both gas fields are thought to contain huge gas reserves, with the Leviathan field already having been determined to be the largest natural gas discovery in the world in recent years.

Last week, Turkey’s Minister to the European Union, Ag’mn Bag’is, said the drilling, planned to begin October 1, "is precisely the reason our warships are in the area. That is why we built our army and trained our soldiers. It is illegal to explore waters that do not belong to them." Turkey invaded Cyprus in 1974 and controls more than one-third of the island, although the international community does not recognize its sovereignty. Last December, Turkey was furious at an agreement signed between Cyprus and Israel that determined borders for exclusive trade zones.

Another thing to note about the pending Ezekiel 38-39 conflict is that the Russian led allies will becoming for a "great spoil" and the recently discovered oil and natural gas fields, coupled with the priceless Dead Sea deposits makes Israel quite a "spoil" in the eyes of many. The Russians would love nothing more than to sweep down into the Middle East and scoop up Israel and the Middle East oil fields for themselves. Just as the Bible predicted thousands of years ago, we are witnessing an alignment of the puzzle pieces that will be the catalyst to the world heading for the Tribulation period.

To complicate Turkey’s threats on Cyprus, the Greek Reporter website is reporting that Greece has stated that in regards to Greek-Israeli relations that Greece is able to defend the sovereign rights of the Republic of Cyprus. Turkey has controlled approximately one-third of the island since the 1970’s. The Greek Reporter website reports:

Greece is in a position to defend the sovereign rights of the Republic of Cyprus, emanating from the Law of the Sea, Greek Minister of Defence Panayiotis Beglitis said on Friday, noting that Greece has a duty to make Turkey liable to international law.

Briefing the Standing Committee on Defence and Foreign Affairs of the Hellenic Parliament on bilateral relations between Greece and Israel, in view of his forthcoming visit to Israel, and commenting on Turkish threats against the cooperation between Cyprus and Israel, and explorations for natural gas, Beglitis said that "we recognise and are in a position to defend the sovereign rights of the Republic of Cyprus, emanating from the international Law of the Sea."

"The Republic of Cyprus is at the heart of our defence pact and we will defend these principles, if and when necessary. Beyond the threats and the continuing review policy of Turkey, we have the determination and necessary means to handle it. We have a duty, by undertaking dynamic initiatives, to make Turkey liable in the area of international law," he said.

These comments have and will no doubt make Turkey even more furious as Israel makes more friends and alliances in the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea. The relations between Turkey-Israel are going to in my opinion, in light of Bible prophecy, to continue downhill until eventually the predicted prophetic scenario of Ezekiel 38-39 unfolds. This in turn should increase the awareness of Bible prophecy watchers as we see more movement towards possible prophetic fulfillments. The current crisis between Turkey and Israel definitely has the potential to speed up the prophetic chess game. Stay tuned!

God bless.

by Chris Schang