Day: July 30, 2011

The Hal Lindsey Report 7-29-11

Hal Lindsey 90x115by Hal Lindsey

We all gasped in disbelief when news of the attacks in Norway began to filter in through the news services. First, a massive bomb explodes outside the offices of Norway’s Prime Minister. Video from the scene showed gaping holes in office buildings surrounding the plaza in Oslo.

Then, word came of gunmen on a nearby lake island randomly firing on young people attending a summer youth camp.

Details were sketchy. The death toll at the bombing site seemed amazingly low — seven dead — and at the island site, unbelievably high. How could a gunman or gunmen continue to shoot unabated for almost an hour and a half? Was there no security? Where were the police? Was this another Mumbai-style attack staged by teams of terrorists? At first report, the Norwegian police said the death toll on the island was approaching 100!