Day: July 6, 2011

Where Is My Mamma?

Dwight L. Moody 90x115by D.L. Moody 

What makes Heaven attractive for us?

It won’t be the pearly gates!
It won’t be the streets paved with transparent gold!

These would not satisfy us! If these were all–we would not want to stay in Heaven forever.

I heard the other day, of a little girl whose mother was very sick. While she was sick, one of the neighbors took the child away to stay with her, until the mother would be well again. But instead of getting better–the mother died! They thought it best, that they should not tell the child, nor take her home until the funeral was all over.

Hero or Chocolate Soldier Part 3

C.T. Studd 90x115by C.T. Studd

John The Baptist–a man taught and made and sent of God–good old John! Who doesn’t love and admire him? Why, even Herod did. A genuine deficiency of oil and treacle in his composition. He always told the bang flat truth, with emphasis. As he loved, so he warned. He knew not how to fawn. He Wooed With The Sword, And "Men" Loved Him The Better For It. They always do.

The leaders of religion sent to John to ask him the dearly loved question of every Pharisee, "By what authority doest thou these (good) things?" They asked that of Christ Himself, and crucified Him for the doing of them. John’s answer was plain and pungent, "I will tell you what you ask, and more. (John was always liberal!) I? I am nobody, but ye and your masters are a generation of vipers." A good hot curry, that! John never served his curries with butter sauce, but he was always very liberal with chutney–a man of God—No Sugar Plum Nor Chocolate Soldier He!