Happy Father’s Day

by Rocco T

Dad & Son 7To my Dad,

You have taught me a lot of things over the years. You taught me to walk, talk, play and learn. You taught me by telling me all of the things I needed to know, to do things the right way. There are countless sayings that you have taught me, that I use on a daily basis, but the one thing you taught me the most is, by your example.

Your example of putting God first in your life above everything. To surrender everything to Jesus because Jesus wants nothing less than everything. You didn’t just tell me these things, you showed them to me in your own daily walk with God. That example means more to me than all the words you have ever said. It’s like walking in dark place and yet having someone right in front of you with a flashlight leading you to the door.

Jesus is that door

God gets all the glory for my salvation, but he used you to lead me to Him.

Thanks Dad, I love you

by Rocco T