Ground Zero Mosque: A Prophetic fulfillment of Pauline Letter

Bill Wilson 90x115by Bill Wilson

In an interview on KCBS Radio, Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called for an investigation into those who oppose the building of a mosque and Islamic center near Ground Zero of the 911 attacks by Muslim terrorists. Pelosi said, “There is no question there is a concerted effort to make this a political issue by some. And I join those who have called for looking into how is this opposition to the mosque being funded.” So now all those who are expressing their disgust over this proposed Islamic monument to its 911 terrorist attacks should be investigated as to how they are getting their money. Some 68% of Americans oppose the mosque. That’s a lot of government investigation proposed by Pelosi.

Instead, it might be wiser to investigate where the Muslims are getting their money to build the mosque and Islamic center, and whether the effort is being funded by those who support terrorism or the destruction of the United States. Let’s start with Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, founder of the American Society for Muslim Advancement and the organizer of the Ground Zero mosque initiative. Rauf has been billed as a “moderate” Muslim Imam who seeks to build the Ground Zero mosque to foster “peaceful Muslim-Western relations.” Rauf refuses to say where the $100 million is coming from to build the mosque. He has told American media its being funded by donations from American Muslims.

Rauf, however, in an interview with the Saudi-owned Arab newspaper Asharq Al-Awsat, says funding of the mosque will come from the US as well as from Muslims overseas. Rauf’s American Society for Muslim Advancement is partially funded by the Saudis. Interesting that the State Department is sending Rauf on a goodwill mission to the Middle East–a mission Fox News says will take him to United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi, and Saudi Arabia. State Department spokesman PJ Crowley says, “we have informed him about our prohibition against fundraising while on a speaking tour. We do not expect him to fundraise. ”  Yes, but what prevents him from fundraising on his own personal time during the trip? Probably nothing.

Meanwhile, the Ground Zero mosque issue is becoming such a political liability to the Democrats that Democratic New York Governor David Paterson plans to offer “state owned” land to Rauf’s group in order to get them to move the project. Separation of church and state apparently only applies to Christians in America. Pelosi wants an investigation into Americans who might be funding the mosque opposition, yet no investigation into whether terrorist money is being used to build it. The Democrats now want to provide state-owned property to build a Muslim mosque and community center. 2 Timothy 3:13 says, “Evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse deceiving and being deceived.” And so it is today.

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by Bill Wilson


12 thoughts on “Ground Zero Mosque: A Prophetic fulfillment of Pauline Letter

  1. A better question: What business has the body of Christ in trivial things of this world, the fashions of Rome, or mandates of the various Caesars? Paul’s admonition was that believers love the world’s people and shun the world’s systems because the believer’s citizenship is not on earth or the illusory “America,” but in heaven.

    Quite the contrary to what I see featured on this site.

  2. Hi M,

    The first thing I would say is, that I whatever I post on this site I let the Lord guide me in it. There are many many articles that I read that never get posted because I am not led by God to post them.

    As far as being concerned about Rome,Caesar and the mandates of this world. We at standingforgod are not advocating any political stance. We are merely informing the readers what is going on in our world. There is difference between being so focused on the world that you lose sight of Jesus and staying informed about what is going on in the world, but if you look at the articles that are posted, we have not lost our focus on our Lord.

    We do however post articles that show the decline of our once Christian nation to the depths of Sodom and Gomorrah. We do this, not to take our eyes off the Lord but on the contrary, to illustrate that we MUST keep our eyes on the Lord in these days of Evil, which IS what this site is about. Standing For God in these Evil Times.

    I’m sure if you looked out your window tomorrow and saw a fight break out in your yard that you would keep watch on it so that it would not affect your house or your family. I doubt you would turn a blind eye to it and say “We are not to be concerned with it”

    Hopefully you see the difference

    Thanks for stopping by

    Rocco T

  3. Quite to the contrary, you are advocating a clearly political stance because you are advocating how others should be controlled or regulated, and you do so regularly and with reckless abandon.

    As a Christian you don’t have an earthly nation and there is no such thing as a “Christian” nation, as salvation is individual, not corporate. That’s Christianity 101. Even Paul, who was a “secular” citizen of Rome, only used that citizenship to secure an audience with Nero.

    Also, there is a GREAT difference between an individual having a responsibility as a Christian to his neighbor versus the legalized theft of taxation being used to support godless wars in the name of the “Prince of Peace.”

  4. M,

    I’m not here to argue with you. If you can’t see that this nation was blessed beyond any other nation in history because of the fact that it was based on the Principles of the Bible, than talking about it wouldn’t solve anything.

    We will be praying for you.

    God Bless

    Rocco T

  5. Which biblical principle was the basis for the American systemization of slavery? To the willful and villainous genocide of millions of Native Americans? The unlawful invasion of Mexican territories? Waging war for profit not once or twice, but several times over the course of almost two centuries?

    You won’t argue because you can’t supply a biblical basis for the actions of the government of the United States. You perpetuate a myth that America is a Christian nation in spite of the fact that it isn’t and never was, because a nation cannot be Christian. And please, I don’t want you praying to your pagan, anti-Biblical god.

  6. I bet you wouldn’t say word one if somebody wanted to build a ground zero synagogue, in spite of the fact that the current incarnation of Judaism is as biblically incorrect as Islam or Mormonism. I, on the other hand, wouldn’t care if people wanted to build a ground zero mosque, synagogue or temple to Samsu, because I’m not an anti-Semite like the writers on this site.

  7. ..actually i will just pray that the lord shows me how to convey my feelings with the love that i think Jesus wants us to share

  8. Sera,

    We will keep praying for M. Just remember God allows everything to happen for his reasons. He has the victory, all we have to do is go through what he asks.

    Thanks for stopping by the site

    Rocco T

  9. The “love of Jesus” sure isn’t being demonstrated by systematic hate and the use of state-sponsored violence.

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