Day: August 11, 2010

The Fiery Tears of St. Lawrence

Chuck Missler 90x115by Chuck Missler

Wednesday and Thursday nights promise excellent opportunities to watch the Perseids blast through the black sky. Last year, the bright moon stole the stage and made for lousy Perseid viewing. This year, the new moon has politely left the sky nice and dark so that the meteor shower can be enjoyed with little luminary interference. Also known as “the Tears of St. Lawrence,” the Perseids’ annual show always falls around August 10, the day that commemorates St. Lawrence’s fiery martyrdom during the reign of Valerian.


Iran-Russia nuclear plant to be inaugurated in September

Chris Schang 90x115by Chris Schang

Upon examining the news headlines today I stumbled across an article that reaffirmed the Iranian declarations that their nuclear power plant at Bushehr would be started in September. The nuclear plant is currently undergoing “tests” and other “necessary arrangements” in order to put it “online”. Some of the testing is done by computers and takes virtual analysis of the nuclear plant’s ability to function and perform as expected. The Trend news website reports: