Month: July 2010

Suffering Continues in Darfur

Chuck Missler 90x115by Chuck Missler

For an estimated three million Darfur villagers, it’s been seven long years of bombs dropped by (old Russian ex-military planes) camel-back raids, displacement, rape, and being robbed of humanitarian aid. For refugees unable to leave the region, it’s been as many as seven years in makeshift homes without basic utilities like clean water or electricity, public schools, jobs, markets, doctors’ offices or hospitals. And for the orphaned, it’s been as many as seven years without parents to provide or care for them.


Are You Discouraged Today?

Greg Laurie 90x115by Greg Laurie

Even the most committed believer has those moments when fear or worry can kick in.

Anxiety can overtake us. Maybe we’re concerned about our future, feel discouraged about some of our failures and shortcomings, or find ourselves anxious about the lives of our family members.