Day: July 27, 2010

The Way to Knowledge

Oswald Chambers 90x115by Oswald Chambers

If anyone wills to do His will, he shall know concerning the doctrine . . . —John 7:17

The golden rule to follow to obtain spiritual understanding is not one of intellectual pursuit, but one of obedience. If a person wants scientific knowledge, then intellectual curiosity must be his guide. But if he desires knowledge and insight into the teachings of Jesus Christ, he can only obtain it through obedience. If spiritual things seem dark and hidden to me, then I can be sure that there is a point of disobedience somewhere in my life. Intellectual darkness is the result of ignorance, but spiritual darkness is the result of something that I do not intend to obey.


When did we get Protestant Purgatory?

by Dan Ecklund

hellWhat is a Christless eternity? Who thought up an eternity separated from God, or a Godless afterlife? It has become almost sinful in the eyes of American churches to use the word “Hell” unless the flames are stamped out and shaded areas are added. A person listening to our modern day preaching of hell, could easily decide that hell sounds like a place to go where there are few clouds and people are all grilling steak. Much of this is because they worry about offending someone, and the fear men. No matter of what churches or preachers say, the only thing that does matter is what the scriptures say.

How does scripture define what the biblical hell is?