Day: July 20, 2010

The Submission of The Believer

Oswald Chambers 90x115 by Oswald Chambers

You call Me Teacher and Lord, and you say well, for so I am —John 13:13

Our Lord never insists on having authority over us. He never says, “You will submit to me.” No, He leaves us perfectly free to choose— so free, in fact, that we can spit in His face or we can put Him to death, as others have done; and yet He will never say a word. But once His life has been created in me through His redemption, I instantly recognize His right to absolute authority over me. It is a complete and effective domination, in which I acknowledge that “You are worthy, O Lord . . .” ( Revelation 4:11  ). It is simply the unworthiness within me that refuses to bow down or to submit to one who is worthy. When I meet someone who is more holy than myself, and I don’t recognize his worthiness, nor obey his instructions for me, it is a sign of my own unworthiness being revealed. God teaches us by using these people who are a little better than we are; not better intellectually, but more holy. And He continues to do so until we willingly submit. Then the whole attitude of our life is one of obedience to Him.


Lawlessness: The Last Stage

Todd Strandberg 90x115 by Todd Strandberg

Dispensationalism is one of the driving forces of the end times. This fancy word simply means that God has a set plan for human history, one that has events following a script that He has established. It has been my observation that judgment has its own dispensation. The three stages are the lack of apologetics, the demise of moral leadership, and lawlessness.