Day: July 19, 2010

The Gospel in Joshua… The Story of Rahab

Jack Kelley 90x115 by Jack Kelley

It’s not what you know but who you know that matters.

The similarities between the Books of Joshua and Revelation are striking. In fact some call Joshua a model for Revelation, especially where it describes the battle of Beth Horon in chapter 10. The Israelites were confronted by a coalition of 5 Amorite kings led by someone who called himself Adoni-zedek, or Lord of Righteousness (a model of the anti-christ?). There were signs in the sun and moon as in Rev. 6:12, 8:12, and 16:8-11, and large hailstones fell from the sky as in Rev. 8:7 and 16:21. The 5 Amorite kings hid in caves for fear of the Israelites just as in Rev 6:15 the kings of the earth will hide in caves for fear of the wrath of the Lamb. At the end of Joshua, the land is dispossessed of its usurpers, at the end of Revelation the earth is dispossessed of its usurpers and as I indicated last time, the name Joshua is derived from the same Hebrew root as Yeshua, the Hebrew name for Jesus. But to me the most dramatic similarity is hidden in the story of Rahab. Hence the title of this article.


Half the Israeli Public Wants to See Holy Temple Rebuilt

Chris Schang 90x115 by Chris Schang

Sometimes while viewing the vast landscape of the current news and events in the world, you see an article that really stands out screaming that Bible prophecy is lining up as the Bible foretold. Today while searching the news headlines I came across one such news article that seemed to do that. This article was a news report from the Israel National News website that indicates that half the Israeli public wants to see the Third Jewish Temple built. The INN article reports: