Day: July 13, 2010

Libyan Flotilla is on the way to Gaza

Chris Schang 90x115 by Chris Schang

Over the past 48 hours it has been reported that the Libyan aid ship “Amalthea” has left the port in Greece and is heading towards Gaza. Earlier in the week before the ship left there were conflicting reports about whether the ship was headed to Gaza or if there had been an agreement secured between Israel and a few mediators in the matter that the ship would head to the Egyptian port of “El-Arish” or to the Israeli port at Ashdod. Before the ship left the official answer from the ship’s captain was that the ship was headed to Egypt. However, within a short time of leaving the port, it was being reported by the agency in charge of the aid mission that the ship was indeed headed to Gaza. The Israel National News article reports:

“We Need Men Who KNOW The Truth”

I have listened to John Piper for awhile now and always thought very highly of his teachings. Everything that I had previously seen and heard from him was right on the mark. In fact, he was telling it better than most preachers today. As time goes by though, you read more and you hear more and something just does not sound right. You can’t put your finger on it but something is wrong.