Day: July 12, 2010

Famous last words: ‘I can handle it’

Greg Laurie 90x115 by Greg Laurie

Sometimes we face our greatest dangers after we have experienced our greatest triumphs. It was after his success on Mt. Carmel that Elijah was paralyzed with fear. Often after times of great victory, we will lower our guard and find ourselves vulnerable. And more often than not, the problem is self-confidence.


Do Not Worry!

Oswald Chambers 90x115 by Oswald Chambers

Do not fret— it only causes harm —Psalm 37:8

Fretting means getting ourselves “out of joint” mentally or spiritually. It is one thing to say, “Do not fret,” but something very different to have such a nature that you find yourself unable to fret. It’s easy to say, “Rest in the Lord, and wait patiently for Him” ( Psalm 37:7  ) until our own little world is turned upside down and we are forced to live in confusion and agony like so many other people. Is it possible to “rest in the Lord” then? If this “Do not” doesn’t work there, then it will not work anywhere. This “Do not” must work during our days of difficulty and uncertainty, as well as our peaceful days, or it will never work. And if it will not work in your particular case, it will not work for anyone else. Resting in the Lord is not dependent on your external circumstances at all, but on your relationship with God Himself.