Day: July 1, 2010

Do It Now!

Oswald Chambers 90x115 by Oswald Chambers

Agree with your adversary quickly . . . —Matthew 5:25

In this verse, Jesus Christ laid down a very important principle by saying, “Do what you know you must do— now. Do it quickly. If you don’t, an inevitable process will begin to work ’till you have paid the last penny’ ( Matthew 5:26  ) in pain, agony, and distress.” God’s laws are unchangeable and there is no escape from them. The teachings of Jesus always penetrate right to the heart of our being.

The Dead Zone

Jack Kinsella 90x115 by Jack Kinsella

The Omega Letter is a daily journal of current events as viewed from the perspective of Bible prophecy and written as they occur.   We went online on October 14, 2001 and so our archives are something of a daily record of the 21st century.

(I’m not trying to blow our horn, here. There is a point I want to make, so bear with me.)   Over the years, we’ve published the OL day in and day out, from literally hundreds of locations both here and from abroad.