Day: June 29, 2010

Jesus’ Critical Question for End-Times Believers

Terry James 90x115 by Terry James

A recent news item about certain polling data grasped my attention. I’m sure many who peruse‘s news section had their curiosity piqued and read it as well.

After looking into the matters reported, I found the poll wasn’t as thorough as I would have liked–but it was fascinating nonetheless. Also, it was too one-sided in ethnic make-up. However, I give it enough credence to examine it here because I believe it revolves around a concern the Lord Jesus Christ expressed while teaching about conditions that will prevail at the end of the age.


Racial Insanity

Todd Strandberg 90x115 by Todd Strandberg

For a very long time, I’ve noticed something very strange happening on the racism front. The problem has become so acute that it’s obvious the devil has retooled and fully implemented a new plan of operation.

Racism has been a plague on humanity for thousands of years. Ever since man rebelled against God at the Tower of Babel and He divided people into separate groups, we have had racial strife. You can just look at the history of the Jews and see one of racism’s longest track records.