Day: June 17, 2010

Why Does Comedy Central Protect Muhammad and Mock Jesus?

Joel Hilliker 90x115 by Joel Hilliker 

Comedy Central cartoons mock everything. They delight in committing sacrilege. Back in April, one poked fun at the furor over depictions of Muhammad, founder of Islam, by showing him dressed in a bear suit.

A radical New York-based Islamic group didn’t like that one bit. On its website, posted a warning along with a graphic photo of Theo van Gogh, the Dutch filmmaker brutally murdered in 2004 by a Muslim; it warned that the show’s creators might suffer the same fate.


Iran’s Bomb

by Matt Gurney

Ahmadinejad-081 If the newest round of sanctions levied against Iran by the international community doesn’t stop Iran’s march towards a nuclear weapon, what will? That answer to that question, whatever it may be, will fundamentally shift the balance of power in the Middle East. There is no good solution to dilemma of the Iranian bomb, and as time goes on and the bomb comes nearer to reality, the options will only get worse. Nonetheless, a decision must be made. Is the Obama administration up to the task?