Day: June 7, 2010

“His Love Endures Forever”

Reading today, I came across Psalm 136. Scholars think most Psalms were used in Temple Worship. We don’t exactly know how the psalms were actually sung in temple worship but this one in particular is something similar to what people refer to as a “Call & Response” song, where the leader sings out a story and the congregation shouts back a rhythmic line. To be honest, nobody knows for sure, but work with me here, will ya. Sometimes I find it hard to get through this type of chapter in the Bible where they repeat things a lot. But I have been trying to make an effort to read everything in whatever chapter I am reading, yes, even those long lists of genealogy. Sometimes it’s harder than other times.


To The Free Gaza Movement

David Harris 90x115 by David Harris 

According to your website, you describe yourselves as a “human rights movement.”

You proclaim: “We respect the human rights of everyone, regardless of race, tribe, religion, ethnicity, nationality, citizenship or language.”

And yet nowhere is there evidence of your respect for the human rights of Israelis, who’ve been the targets of massive human rights violations by Hamas and other terror groups operating freely in Gaza.

Are human rights indivisible, or only permitted for the groups you preselect?