Day: June 3, 2010

Fred Thompson on Obama, Sestak Matter

Fred Thompson 90x115 Former Sen. Fred Thompson had some fun with President Obama’s attempt to deal with the Joe Sestak controversy, comparing it to the response of a kid caught raiding the cookie jar.

The Tennessee Republican, who starred on the TV show “Law & Order,” is riding high with a best-selling new book, “Teaching the Pig to Dance: A Memoir of Growing Up and Second Chances.” Published in mid-May, the book has hit the top of’s online bestseller lists.

Thompson is also the host of a syndicated radio show on Westwood One. He responded on the air to Obama’s vow that he would have an “official response shortly on the Sestak issue,” referring to Rep. Sestak’s assertion that he was offered a job in the administration if he gave up plans to run against Sen. Arlen Specter in the Pennsylvania primary.


Obama Abandons Israel to UN Feeding Frenzy

Anne Bayefsky 90x115 by Anne Bayefsky

In the past twenty-four hours United Nations bodies have engaged in a frenzied attack on Israel over the Turkish-facilitated effort to end the naval blockade of Hamas-controlled Gaza. In the process, the Obama administration’s Israel policy has been outed.

With virtually unprecedented speed and only hours to go before the Lebanese presidency of the UN Security Council expired at midnight on May 31st the Council unanimously agreed on a Presidential Statement – with American approval. And in Geneva, the UN Human Rights Council (HRC) unanimously decided to invent new procedural rules and hold its first-ever “urgent debate”, with no objection from the United States.