Day: June 1, 2010

The Truth About Israel and the Palestinian Blockade Runners

Bill Wilson 90x115 by Bill Wilson

An international incident is brewing in the wake of the Israeli attack of six cargo ships off the coast of Gaza. Tremendous public opinion pressure–not the truth–may ignite a fireball of diplomatic heat on Israel. But you need to know the truth. These so-called cargo ships tried to run a military blockade that was established by Egypt and Israel to prevent the terrorist group Hamas from refortifying. The Israeli Navy repeatedly warned the ships not to run the blockade. The some 700 pro-Palestinian activists carrying items banned for entry into Gaza ignored the warnings in hopes of creating an international conflict that they could use as a public relations lever against Israel.


U.S. Paving Way for Final Führer

Terry James 90x115 by Terry James

Try as I might to get away from thinking on the stupefying swiftness with which the world’s monetary crises are reshaping our existence, I cannot. I consider only the so-called peace process being foisted upon Israel by the American administration and other members of the Quartet–the United Nations, European Union, and Russia–to be of slightly more profound prophetic importance than the current economic chaos. So, please indulge me yet another commentary-swipe at the matters involved.