Day: May 26, 2010

Look Past The Surface

Mark Altrogge 90x115 by Mark Altrogge

If God works all things together for our good, then we must learn to look past the surface to see the hand of God working behind the scenes. It’s called faith.

We will either believe our eyes and our own interpretation of events, or we will believe what God’s Word says about what is happening in our lives.

If we only believe what we see on the surface of our lives, we will conclude God is either cruel or unkind, like someone who sees a doctor cutting into a patient, and concludes that the doctor is cruel. In reality, the doctor is doing a c-section to deliver the woman’s baby – an occasion of incredible joy. So though on the surface it appears the doctor is being cruel, he is actually being kind to the patient.  In fact, if he didn’t do the surgery, he would be cruel to both mother and baby.

A group of religious Jews have built the temple in Jerusalem

Jimmy Deyoung 90x115 by Jimmy DeYoung

I must confess the headline for this report is a bit misleading however, I am partially correct. I should have said that a group of religious Jews have built the worlds largest model of the holy temple and it is only a few hundred yards away from the Temple Mount, the site where the Jewish temple existed until 70 AD. The model was built with extensive consultation with the experts and offers a view of the Holy of Holies plus the furniture of the temple including the Ark of the Covenant. And, it was built to help Jews connect with their heritage and to create a desire among the Jews for the rebuilding of their temple in Jerusalem.