Obama and The New International Order

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Speaking recently at West Point, President Obama called for what he referred to as a “new international order“, a new world order if you will. Anyone surprised by that, in light of recent events as compared to bible prophecy? I know I’m not.

While witnessing what we have of late has been near physically painful to observe, from President Obama’s world apology tour, during which he traveled the globe to bow before and apologize to practically every leader he could find for America being the great nation it has been, to his disenfranchisement with the nation of Israel to his tanking of the US economy’s future through outrageous spending that is unsustainable, President Obama and his administration seems to be steering the U.S.A. toward what seems to be its prophetic destiny.

Finding the United States in end times bible prophecy is near impossible, at least if one is looking to see the U.S. as a superpower. Rather, bible prophecy foresees the global empire of the prophesied Antichrist to come (Revelation 13:7) as a key power, an empire which is going to include the European Union at the very least, along with Israel, the “kings of the east” (Revelation 16:12), the “king of the north” (Daniel 11:40) and the “king of the south” (Daniel 11:40).

While we don’t know with specificity who all of the key end times players listed above will consist of, they will be locatable from the perspective of the nation of Israel at the time these prophecies are fulfilled. So where do we see the United States in that picture? North of Israel? South of Israel? East of Israel? No, no and no. It is for that reason I conclude that if the U.S. is going to exist as a major player in the last of the last days, it is likely going to be as a component of the Antichrist’s empire, a scenario which I would point out as capable of instantly giving the prophesied Antichrist the military might we see him in possession of in end times prophecy. This is not a pleasant thought for those of us who love the U.S.A., but worthy of consideration as a possibility at the very least, primarily because NATO, which the United States is the lynch pin of, is located in Brussels, Belgium, as are the vast majority of the EU’s major institutions.

With both the dollar and the euro presently in crisis and the West clamoring to bring peace to the Middle East, particularly at the expense of Israel, the prophetic scenario foretold long ago is making better sense by the minute, isn’t it?

For decades, respected biblical scholars examining bible prophecy have anticipated a decline coming for the United States. I’d be remiss not to point out that President Obama is doing everything he can, seemingly, to accomplish that end for the U.S. whether he knows it or not. It’s a foreseeable future because of Obama’s increasing willingness to align the United States with the international community that respects us little and, most worrisome of all, openly anti-Israel organizations which threaten to bring the curse of Genesis 12:3 upon our nation.

If you didn’t pick up on my reference to NATO and all of the EU’s major institutions being in Brussels and the future role that could play in the fulfillment of bible prophecy, something I have touched on a number of times in the past, you may want to scroll up, as well as visit the links in this update. This showing up in the news headlines today sent chills down my spine as I had no idea Biden had said this as I wrote what I did earlier. Obviously, I didn’t see it coming years ago either, but the Brussels-NATO-EU connection has now been made publicly – and by the right-hand man of arguably the most powerful leader in the free world.
Could I be correct in my suspicion that the Antichrist is somehow going to have the might of the current U.S. military, the finest fighting force in the world, at his disposal in the prophetic future? Time will tell.

by Michael Mickey

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