Day: May 19, 2010

State Department Apologizes To China For US Human Rights Issues

Bill Wilson 90x115 by Bill Wilson

The State Department’s Assistant Secretary for Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor Michael Posner met in China last week with Chinese officials about human rights. According to Jon Huntsman, the US Ambassador to China, the White House wants to push Beijing for human rights changes, but it also needs Chinese support on difficult global issues. So the man who occupies the Oval Office sent Posner to apologize to the Chinese for America’s violation of human rights visa vi the Arizona border protection law in order to get the Chinese on board with the White House foreign policy agenda. This apology was revealed by Posner in a State Department briefing on the human rights dialogue with China on May 14.


Send the right person to the wrong place

Emmanuel Navon 90x115 by Emmanuel Navon

In his maiden speech to the UN General Assembly in September 2010, Muammar Gaddafi spoke for an hour and forty minutes – six times longer than his allotted 15 minutes. Gaddafi had a lot to say, apparently. He accused the Security Council of being an al-Qaida-like terrorist body, called for George Bush and Tony Blair to be put on trial for the Iraq war, demanded $7.7 trillion in compensation for European colonialism in Africa, speculated as to whether swine flu was a biological weapon created in a military laboratory, and demanded to know who was behind the killing of JFK. At some point, he tore up a copy of the UN Charter in front of the delegates and suggested the UN headquarters be moved to Libya.