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Happy_Mothers_Day My Mom did not grow up into a perfect loving home. She was raised by her Mom because she lost her Dad at age 10.

She ended up meeting my Dad at Gino’s restaurant one day and never looked back. They ended up getting married and having my two older brothers in between my Dad being in the Navy.

My Mom poured her heart and soul into all of us. In 1972 my Dad gave his life to the Lord and my Mom followed suit soon after. God gave my Mom a loving heart to start out with but his love perfected her love for all of us and made it that much stronger. Whether it was packing our lunches or just doing laundry, she did it all with a happy heart. We knew that she loved us, not because of what she did, but how she did it.

As we got older it would change into different things like, waiting up when we were not home yet and trying to protect us even though we were not always right.

I say these things because people have a tendency to make excuses for their lives because of the home they grew up in. It’s become a pastime for people to say that I am the way I am because of coming from this broken home. My mom came from that environment and yet still had more love for her family than you could ask for.

No matter what she did in her life, she gave everything she had and more. It’s not until you get older do you fully understand how much time, effort and love that your parents put into you. It was all this time and effort that both my Mom and my Dad put into me that led me back to Jesus when I got older after years of trying to do it my way.

My Dad always says that you only get one chance in life with your kids. If you blow it, you don’t get a second chance to teach them what they need. My Mom gave us everything the first time, she gave us everything she had and more. I will never be able to say “Thank You” enough to measure up to all the effort and love she has put into us. Only when we get to Heaven will God be able to give her the rewards that match up to her actions in life. She did it without expecting any rewards for it, she did it because she loved us, and is still doing it to this day.

The Bible says that we all have talents and gifts from God. I believe Love is my Mom’s gift. It is what she does best.

I Love You Mom

Happy Mothers Day

Rocco T

3 thoughts on “My Mom

  1. Rocco, I couldn’t agree more. Your Mom is a wonderful example of what every mother should be and I pray God helps me become the kind of mother she is. She treats me like I am her own and loves me no matter what. This is the way Jesus loves. Having a child and being a mother is a gift from the Lord and I know she feels truly blessed to have 3 boys and especially thanks God for you and your walk with Jesus. I am blessed to be part of this family too. God knows just where to put each of us. Happy Mother’s Day to all!

  2. You have described our mom so well. She Loves us with all her Heart, and Soul. She was there for us, not just in the good times, but the bad ones to. God gave us a wonderful Mom. He gave my Dad a wonderful Wife. And God has a wonderful Daughter in his Family.

    I Love you Mom
    Happy Mothers Day
    Love Joe T

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